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Bohol beaches

Beach in Pamilacan island in Baclayon, Bohol (Source: tommyschultz.com)

Beautiful beaches are among Bohol’s major tourism assets.

I found this blog, Philippines Beaches on the internet. It features some of the best and premiere beaches and resorts in the Philippines.

As you guessed it right, it features a long list (and no doubt an incomplete one) of Bohol’s best and premiere beaches and resorts and invites you to explore them.

Go on visit Philippines Beaches and enjoy reading.


Stories from Dr Jose Rizal's errand boy (Part 2)

Part 1 Part 2

Sundry Chronicle
by Jes B Tirol


Here is the second of the two stories left behind in Antequera, Bohol by Alonso Rodriguez, who was the errand boy of Dr. Jose Rizal.

This story is found on page 20 of the Antequera, Bohol Centennial publication published in 1976. This article has no author. Therefore we can attribute it to the Editorial Board headed by Mr. Exuperio Barrera.


Stories from Dr Jose Rizal's errand boy (Part 1)

Part 1 Part 2

Sundry Chronicle
by Jes B Tirol


June 19, 2011 is the 150th birth anniversary of our national hero Dr. Jose Rizal. As part of the celebration we will print or reprint some unusual stories about Dr. Jose Rizal.

The stories in the present series are found in the Centennial Anniversary Publication of Antequera, Bohol published in 1976.

I am not sure who the author of these articles is because there is none given in the program. Nonetheless we can attribute it to the Editorial Board headed by Mr. Exuperio O. Barrera.


Bol-anon 'ko Nyor

'Bol-anon 'ko nyor' is not just a hackneyed phrase. It has a legend to tell arising from an actual incident that happened in Davao City.

It was at a time when Davao was just a frontier town of about 70,000 residents. It had only 27 policemen who did not carry firearms on duty except nightsticks and a whistle. In the absence of telephone, the police response on emergencies was very slow.

Every time word was passed around warning the neighborhood of a juramentado loose in the community, people scampered for safety in their homes. A juramentado in those days was a Moro fanatic brainwashed by their religious leaders to kill Chris-tians whom they regarded as enemy of Islam.


I read the news

Despite the great distance, I still keep in touch with my homeland through online news. I have been an avid news reader since childhood. Sundays would be empty if I have not read the Bohol Chronicle, the premiere weekly (now semi-weekly) newspaper in the province.

And thanks to the internet, Bohol news is but a click away. Check out the links below to some of Bohol's local newspapers.


All about.me

The website about.me enables you to make your own individual splash page to present your complete online identity to any visitor, be it your personal friends or professional colleagues.

Read more at Pinoyborian blog.
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