Baclayon (Bohol) Blog

This blog is about my Philippine hometown of Baclayon, Bohol.

Baclayon is located east of Tagbilaran City. Both sides of my father's family originated from this coastal town; specifically, from Santa Cruz, the first barangay of the town after you leave Tagbilaran.

I created this blog due in part to the first ever clan reunion of my father's paternal family last May 2010. I was hoping to fill in this blog with information on Baclayon for the benefit of my relatives especially the younger generation.

A lot of my relatives now live in different parts of the Philippines and abroad. Many also have not yet set foot on this town and know little about it.

I will post on a lot of things about my hometown. Its history, culture, tourism and my personal reminiscences are only some of the topics I will be writing about.

Blogposts may be original or borrowed. I have written about Baclayon in my other blog, Bohol On My Mind ( I will repost them on this blog.

I will also borrow articles and blogposts written by other people and repost it here with due recognition. I will borrow the concept of Bohol Blog ( in posting Baclayon rave posts especially by tourists who have visited Baclayon.

In the future, I see this blog as a community blog about Baclayon. For now, it is still an individual project.

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