I have been living in the UK since 2002. Before this, I spent years working and living in different parts of the Philippines but never in Bohol. I left my home province after graduation from high school. Since then, I have been on a self-imposed exile for the purpose of finding or creating my own destiny. I believed then that it has to be outside of Bohol.

I never really left Bohol when I was still in the Philippines. I almost always spend my summer and Christmas holidays there. And of course, there are the occasional weekends. Bohol is the home of my childhood and teenage years, periods in life wherein I have most of my unforgettable and happy memories.

I created this blog as an attempt to reconnect with my beloved Bohol. I will reminisce on my past there, express my views on its current situation and rave about the goods things happening to it. In the last, I will particularly look out for any mention of Bohol from where I am currently living and share it here in this blog.

Daghang salamat sa injong pagduaw. Hinaut nga ambitan pud ko ninjo ug panahon ug mga hunahuna niining akong paghinumdom sa atong pinanggang Bohol! (Many thanks for your visit. I hope that you will spare me your time and thoughts as I think about our beloved Bohol!)
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