British diving magazine feature Panglao Island

Diver, Britains's best-selling diving magazine, has featured Panglao as one of the holiday diving destinations in 2008 on its Holiday Special issue (January 2008).

The article, "No Rush to Surface", features its author's (Gerald Rambert) experience in diving Balicasag Island, one of the best diving sites in Bohol, if not the whole country. An underwater photographer, the author narrated his wonderful dives in the island's five main dive sites. Rambert talked about seeing different types of nudibranchs and a mindblowing variety of fish. He also described the abundance of hard and soft corals - especially his favourite soft corals; pink, green and red see-through Dendronephthya.

Although the article mainly featured the diving sites, it also mentioned other popular tourist attractions in Bohol like the Chocolate Hills and Loboc River. These attractions are just among the many that gives Bohol an edge over other Philippine diving destinations. After a break in diving, tourists are spoilt for choice to try other exciting non-diving experiences. I hope that with this feature article, more British tourists (divers and non-divers alike) will visit Bohol in the coming year.

If you want to read the whole article visit Diver's website at http://www.divernet.com/. As a subscriber, I am privileged to receive a copy before it goes on sale in shops. Reading the article made me even more homesick especially during this winter months in Britain. How I wish I was the one diving in the said article.

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Muffie Shannen said...

My first snorkel experience is in Balicasag. It was included on our 1 day sea tour which consists of dolphin watching, snorkeling and visit to Virgin Island.

Even on a waist deep water you can see beautiful fishes and reefs. Then we fed the colorful fishes with bread. And it gets more exciting, i saw a school of fish!

It was so beautiful, I am so lucky to see that.

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