Finding Old Classmates

Nowadays, it is no longer hard to find out about old classmates you have not seen nor heard of from in a long time. If you have access to the internet, you only need to open an account in a social network site and there is a big chance that you will find an old friend or classmate there. I have an account with Friendster, which is very popular with Filipinos worldwide. I have already linked up with many classmates from high school and friends from college through Friendster.

Still, it was a surprise to find an old high school buddy in Friendster. I am referring to Art, who is a classmate in freshman and sophomore years. I have mentioned him in an earlier post about walking home from school. Along with Reg, we were walking buddies every afternoon when the school day ends. Art was also my tennis buddy, along with Raymund and Sean, during weekends at the Cogon Shrine (also known as Simbahan Lingin).

You can also find an old classmate through blogging. Recently, I came across a blog post of my fellow Blogger and Bol-anon, Edik, about Atit. She was a classmate of mine in elementary and high school years. I knew that she got married to an Ormocanon. I am glad that she had settled very well over there and has a successful flower business.

If only I have known this, I would have contacted her when I got married about six years ago. One minor geographical problem, though. I got married in Baclayon, Bohol and her business is in Ormoc! I did get a very good flower arranger who is from Dauis, which is where Atit traces her paternal roots. I knew him when I did some voluntary work with the local government of Dauis in late 90s - early 2000s.

The so-called information superhighway i.e. internet, certainly makes it easier for us now to find old friends and acquaintances.


mikeygatal said...

thanks for sharing jerry,missed my classmates in high school,hope to see them soon and great job for making this blog.

Auric said...

Jig, thanks for your blogs. They really bring back good memories...... you're not only making us homesick ........ you make us want to travel back in TIME...

Jerry Sisican said...

mikey and auric

salamat sa pagduaw

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