Family Tree

Due to my homesickness, I got really interested on family trees. I know my paternal grandfather's family pretty well; but, the clan is getting bigger and new generations are born. I hardly know children of my first cousins, especially the younger ones.

I started searching about family trees and how to create them. Then I got to know Geni (http://geni.com) and started browsing. Geni is a genealogy-related social networking website, which is just perfect. So, I created our very own family tree starting with my paternal grandfather. That was early last year. This year, I have counted about 200 family members and traced my ancestry as far back as my paternal great grandfather (presumably born in 1870s).

Geni's website describe itself as a fast, free and fun way to create your family tree with your relatives and stay in touch. I could not agree more. Not only can you build your family tree in Geni but also preserve your family history, share family photos and videos, celebrate birthdays anniversaries and other events, create profiles for your children, and memorialise loved ones. Our family members have done it all.

Also, you can send real and virtual gifts to your family including fresh flowers for birthdays and other special occasions. This is particularly popular with me as I send lots of free virtual gifts to my relatives.

This year, my family tree is getting bigger. I have already merged with my wife's family tree and intend to expand it more. And I have met more distant relatives from my father's family.

If you are interested in creating your own family tree, why don't you give Geni a try. It is private and secure since only people in your family tree can see your tree and profile.

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