Fiesta Greetings

Today, the city of Tagbilaran celebrates the feast of their patron saint, Saint Joseph the Worker. I spent ten years of my childhood in this city and the annual fiesta celebrations evokes many wonderful memories.

The fiesta preparations like the decorations, house clean up, food ingredients, cooking lots of food recipes and many more. The endless stream of visitors known and strangers alike. Getting to know relatives you have just met and come from places you have not heard of before. In general, it was all fun and joy (never mind the hardships behind it)!

The first three days of May were very busy for our family then. After the Tagbilaran fiest, off we go to Santa Cruz, Baclayon for its fiesta. The latter is my father's home and essentially the root of our paternal clan. There, the fun and joy continued.

If you like going to fiestas then you should be in Bohol during this merry month of May. With a bit of intelligence gathering, you will be off to a fiesta anywhere in the province on every day of this month. I kid you not!

By the time the people from Tagbilaran will read this, many of them will be suffering with a hang over or muscle/joint aches from all the festivities and activities during the fiesta. Not that they will be complaining though but rather moaning with happiness and left over excitement.

I have done a post on Tagbilaran fiesta last year, so please do enjoy reading them again. Especially if you are going to attend a fiesta in Bohol as a first timer, you will find some good tips there.

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