Kayaking from Cebu to Bohol

The third and final leg of this year’s Philippine Kayaking Series was held in Cebu and Bohol last 3-6 of December.

Paddlers from all over the country competed on this leg, which covers a total distance of 125 kilometers crossing from Cebu to Bohol.

German Paz and Johnder Austria, both windsurfers from Batangas, won the leg.

Endorsed by the Department of Tourism, the race aims to promote kayaking into a sustainable eco-adventure attraction in coastal communities.

Click on the video link below (taken by INQUIRER.net's Izah Morales) to watch highlights of the race.

INQUIRER.net VDO - Inquirer.net

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FElix Daray said...

"Ija-ija aho aho," yes, its true. thats a Boholano jingle.Bisan asa sa kalibutan naay Bol-anon, miasenso sila kay nag-ija-ija ug paningkamot.

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