Ang Pambansang T-shirt - Visit Bohol

In addition to Tarsier shirt, I found another Bohol shirt that I like, while doing a Google search again. The shirt maker is Team Manila and this t-shirt is from its Ang Pambansang T-shirt range.

The Visit Bohol t-shirt's main design is that of the iconic Chocolate Hills, done in sepia tone that seems to evoke nostalgia to the wearer. When you click on this link to view the shirt, you will not be directed to it right away. Instead, look for the right box that says EXPLORE THE ISLANDS and click THE COLLECTIONS to view this shirt design together with a host of other designs.

This shirt is going to be one of my must-haves when I go home. It's just a shame that I can't seem to buy it online nor can I buy it in or near Bohol e.g. Cebu, perhaps. At the moment, you can only buy this in the malls of Metro Manila. Maybe this will change next year before we go home.

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