Bohol In Pictures

Photos: www.indayguapa.com

I miss Bohol... then I stumbled upon Inday Guapa's blog and saw some wonderful Bohol pictures, and I miss it even more!

I came across Wanderlust In Motion blog (www.indayguapa.com) while googling for blogs about Bohol by Bol-anons. The author, Inday Guapa, who describes herself as an adventurer at heart, writes about her travel adventures on this blog.

In this particular blogpost, a bit of cebu lovin' and a dash of bohol too, she put out some great pictures of Bohol (and Cebu), some of which I freely used on this post but properly acknowledged.

Like Inday Guapa, I consider (still do) Bohol and Cebu as home. Bohol is my Dad's home province and my home until mid-teens. My parents still lives in our ancestral house (inherited by Dad from his parents by virtue of him being the youngest child) in Baclayon.

I went to university in Cebu and have been calling it home since then. But I stayed a Bol-anon, always going to Bohol for a visit whenever I can. Oh, and yes, I stayed a Bohol registered voter until now. What other better way to show your loyalty to the province than that.

I like her blog since I once fancied about traveling the Philippines, which I did in few occasions. I did not only traveled the Philippines, I lived and worked in some of the places I have been to.

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