I Am Pinoyborian

Bohol is and will always be on my mind. But I am now a Pinoyborian.

Pinoyborian is the name of my other blog, which is currently more active than Bohol On My Mind. It is where I share my views and observations as a Pinoy expat on life in the UK, my home now since 2002.

The name Pinoyborian is a combination of the words Pinoy, the informal name we Filipinos like to call ourselves (similar to Brits for British), and of Peterborian, a native of Peterborough, my home city in the UK.

This personal blog, to reiterate, will talk about my views and observations on my UK life from a Filipino perspective, making comparisons on similarities and differences between these two cultures (British and Filipino).

In addition, I will also blog on a smorgasbord of views, ideas and interesting information about the UK, the Philippines and the rest of the world (if it caught my fancy).

My wife and I are true-blooded Bol-anons, and although we're thousands of miles away from the homeland, we still eat, talk and think Bohol everyday... still breathing Bohol, if you like.

But we now live in the present (most of the time) and it is reflected in my Pinoyborian blog. So, if you arrive on Bohol On My Mind (this blog) and all is quite, hop on to its sibling from the other side of the world, Pinoyborian (http://pinoyborian.blogspot.com). Who knows, you might get something useful from reading it.

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